3. Connecticut Nursing Homes

 About Us

About Us

Filosa, for Nursing and Rehabilitation and Hancock Hall are privately owned and operated skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers in the heart of Danbury, Connecticut.  Since 1947 our facilities have been continuously managed on site by our original owners who for three generations have remained dedicated to providing a uniquely caring and supportive environment for our patients and their families.


For over 60 years, the Filosa family’s hands-on approach, sensitive style and commitment to quality of life for their residents and patients are unparalleled in the industry.  Their professional yet compassionate style pervades the facilities’ atmosphere, allowing for a family oriented culture which is unique among health care facilities in the region.


Filosa, for Nursing and Rehabilitation and Hancock Hall each offer long and short term residents a complete and comprehensive range of nursing, social and rehabilitative services. We are very proud to offer a full continuum of care which meets the varied needs of our short and long term patients.


We are supervised by a medical board, led by Medical Director, Dr. Serafima M. Glouzgal.  Dr. Glouzgal is an Internal Medicine specialist with a private practice in Ridgefield, Connecticut and privileges at nearby Danbury Hospital.

Danbury Hospital, an award winning regional facility, provides for our patients’ acute care needs if necessary.  The two-mile proximity between the hospital and the Filosa facilities allows for immediate patient transfer in emergency situations.


Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced skilled nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, social workers and administrative personnel.  Our staff is proud to provide an exceptionally supportive, compassionate and family-like atmosphere for our patients.  They are attentive to the needs of the entire extended family and are committed to excellence in patient care.  The exceptional atmosphere of caring, compassion and a family oriented culture combined with the highest quality health care available is what makes the Filosa experience unique.

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